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Date Published - 2013-07-16 Author - Kristal Bailey

Salem Tarot

PredictionTarot - Salem_Hill_1854In its simplest form Salem Tarot refers to a website On another level Salem Tarot provides an introduction to the general tarot prowess located in the town of Salem, Massachusetts.

Salem Village (present day Danvers) was the site of the infamous witch trials in 1692 which went on for over a year. Thirty-two alleged witches were found guilty or entered a guilty plea at their trial, of which twenty were executed by hanging. One alleged witch refused to plead and was pressed to death. A further three accused died in custody. All told 91 people were accused, mostly on the accusations of three young girls aged between 9 and 12 or on the word of other accused while under interrogation. It was a time of terror with neighbour turning against neighbour. At first people thought that if they accused others the witch-hunter's spotlight would not fall on them, but that was a grave error. It is virtually certain that some of the citizens of Salem were indeed witches in that they had skills in the use of medicinal herbs and the art of healing the sick. Probably a number of them had a basic knowledge of midwifery and perhaps a few even possessed psychic skills and divination ability. It is equally certain that none of those accused, whether they were found guilty or not, were devil worshippers or Satanists, which was the primary charge against them.

PredictionTarot - hanging Bridget BishopEventually people began to realise that a kind of mass hysteria had led to the accusations and that the trials were anything but fair and just. Ultimately, after a long campaign, all were given official pardons.

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Ironically Salem's notoriety turned to fame and currently, over 300 years after the tragedy of the witch trials, provides a haven for many self-proclaimed witches. Undoubtedly some of these witches can trace their ancestry back to those who were tried and executed, and perhaps their esoteric knowledge and mystical skills have been handed down through generations. Perhaps Salem, as a known site for witchcraft, holds an attraction which has drawn witches from many parts of America. These are people who choose to practice Wicca, the ancient religion of Europe. This religion teaches harmony with nature and respect for the Mother Goddess. It has nothing whatever to do with Satan or devil worship.

Wiccans or, more familiarly, witches do believe in psychic powers and the efficacy of spells to influence events. As such witches naturally see the use of the tarot as practical method of divining the future and those that are adept make excellent tarot readers.

With hundreds of witches living in Salem there is obviously a great interchange of knowledge between them and an environment where they can hone their skills and develop their unique talents. Perhaps Salem could best be thought of as a University of Witchcraft.

For people seeking information about their lives and futures Salem holds equally great attraction. It is one place where it is possible to not only obtain an accurate and astute tarot reading, but genuine witches can also advise you on how to change the outcome and even apply their skills at spell casting to help you attain the outcome you most desire. There is perhaps nowhere else in the world where you can obtain a similar experience and that makes Salem unique.

Whether you are a supporter of witchcraft, or a staunch follower of traditional Christianity, you need to show tolerance for the beliefs of others so a tragedy like the Salem witch trials never occurs again.

Date Published - 2013-07-16 Author - Kristal Bailey


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